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Community gardening enhances the fabric of our city through the promotion of social interactions and accessibility to fresh food, and has an enormously positive effect on the lives of everyone it touches. The gardens provide food, but more importantly, they are ‘seeding’ grounds for neighborhood revitalization, social and economic self-empowerment, social interaction, and neighborhood beautification. We trust that with the blueprint developed at Summerloch Green Community Garden, a non for profit organization registered with the Division of Corporations of the State of Florida, we are growing more than gardens. Together with the City of Casselberry Community Development Department, we are growing a network of healthy community gardens, one gardener at a time!


Good for Everyone

In addition to providing sustenance, community gardens are gathering places where people can meet for relaxation, conversation, and stress relief. They are also places for our children to play while also learning about ecology and working with others. Learning from other cultures is another byproduct of this interaction. 


Join Us

Either in-ground raised bed of 4’ x 8’ x 8”, or elevated raised beds of 6’ x 3’x 6” which may be harvested without having to kneel or bend over, for the benefit of the elderly and the handicapped,  we have a plot reserved for you at our Community Garden in Casselberry with fertile soil and water drip system ready to be sowed with your favorite seeds or to transplant seedlings you may have started. 


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